Creations & Offerings

Pardon My French! at Jazz Fest

This New Orleans French jazz band of Pete Rozé, Joshua Gouzy, Michael Ward-Bergeman, and I will be making our Jazz Fest debut with a mix of Edith Piaf, Charles Trenet, and Serge Gainsbourg goodness. May 5th at the Cultural Exchange Pavilion.

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This pandemic project became a lifeline. To soothe and inspire the changing world (and keep me sane in lockdown), I created a music video a day for 48 days. See the whole progression from Amazing Grace to original songs.

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Podcast Jingles

I created this jaunty tune for the delightful podcast, The Freelancer Water Cooler, with Ansley Fones and Carly Crawford. Need a jingle? Let me know!

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Moonshine and Caroline at Sewanee Mardi Gras

The Memphis iteration of this band with Jim Spake, Richard Maché, John McClure, James Cunningham, and I rocked Sewanee, TN with a mix of traditional jazz, Nola R&B and carnival tunes and would love to get you dancing too!

sewanee mardi gras.png


Post-pandemic, acting has taken more of a backseat in my life, but yes, I was in that aca-awesome flick, Pitch Perfect. You can check it all out HERE.

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Youtube Editing

Working with the excellent coaches and rich work of Twin Flames Universe, I've been editing three videos a week of juicy content. Need editing for your channel or want to learn some basics? Let me know!

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