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true voice and ascension

What is "ascension" ?
Consciousness shifting, or the process of healing anywhere you are blocked to Love itself. Side effects include: attracting your perfect partner or Twin Flame, fulfilling your life purpose, and if singing is your desire, finding your true voice. (In short, your dreams coming true.) Skeptical? I was, too. Until after years of therapy and 12 Step, I discovered the methods taught by Jeff and Shaleia and was shocked by how much better I felt. Childhood traumas and lifelong fears started melting away as I healed at the core, and I started creating a solid foundation for my life that felt deeply GOOD. Instead of feeling like I needed to fix myself, I realized I was never broken. We are all already whole, one, and in harmony. This work just releases all the blocks in our consciousness telling us that we aren't, and the ripple effects are miraculous.

Will it hurt?
No. The healing process can be peaceful, supported, joyful, and easy if you choose it to be. It's just a journey, one healed block at a time.

Can I make it go faster?
Yes. Using the mirror exercise, diving into the spiritual work, joining Twin Flames Ascension School or Life Purpose Class, and having regular coaching will speed things up considerably.

Curious? I invite you to explore...

Ascension Coaching


What do you dream about? The perfect partner? Fulfilling your life purpose? Inner peace? Using the powerful techniques taught by Jeff and Shaleia, we gently work through any blocks in your consciousness to bring you into natural harmony with your true self. Learn to heal anything that comes up on your journey with compassion and deep love. Benefits include: miracles and your Heaven on Earth.

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"I was drawn to Caroline's warm, gentle and playful demeanor and felt immediately at ease with her in our first session. It wasn't what I had expected. There was no dismal re-hashing of my dating history and failed relationships etc. Instead, she guided me through a meditative and grounding experience, using breathing and voice.  It was very emotional for me. She helped me find again the part of myself that still hoped for and longed to find that special forever love someday. Caroline was so loving and supportive! She created a truly safe container for me to begin to process my old hurts and fears that have been blocking me from being open to love in my life. I have already had some amazing synchronicity related to just my first session with Caroline! Wow!"

 -- Laura, age 51, New Orleans

Transformative Voice Lessons


The voice is a healing tool that is often blocked under fear and negative feedback. With a mix of meditation, vocal technique, and fun, we work together to open up any blocks to your true authentic voice. Some benefits of working with me include:

  • increased confidence, inner sense of well-being

  • more ease, range, and power in the voice

  • tools for auditioning, songwriting, and public speaking

  • emotional release and re-connection through the voice

  • connection to spirit, soul retrieval

  • increased creativity and sense of play

  • new love and trust of one's unique sound

  • breath support speaking and singing

  • exploration of simple meditation techniques including the mirror exercise

  • development of repertoire

  • opening and strengthening of the 5th chakra 


"Caroline’s voice work helped me to crack open my incredibly terrified, traumatized and shut down voice. They say the longest journey you will ever have is from the head to the heart. The secret is you gotta go through the throat."

– Alicia, Austin Texas

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Singing Guitar Player


By participating in and reading my Voice and Ascension Coaching Services (Heart Song Coaching, you acknowledge that I am not a Licensed Psychologist or Health Care Professional and my services do not replace the care of Psychologist or other Health Care Professionals. Voice and Ascension Coaching is in no way to be construed or substituted as Psychological Counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. If you feel you are experiencing a mental health crisis or are feeling suicidal, please immediately contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

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