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Are you in a gender transition in your twin flame journey and experiencing major upsets with your voice?

Have you always wanted to expand your voice in singing and speaking, but not known where to start?

Do you have trouble setting boundaries or speaking your truth?

Do you feel like your throat chakra is blocked?

Your voice is a vibrational expression of your consciousness, and healing in your voice is a powerful step on your Ascension path and twin flame journey.


Hey y'all. I'm Caroline Fourmy, Certified Ascension and Voice Coach and dedicated Jeff and Shaleia student since 2019. I'm also a professional singer and actress, and it's my delight and honor to offer a Vocal Transformation Workshop February 28th. If you have a song in your heart but are having trouble letting it out, I invite you to come and experience deep peace in your voice.


In this 90 minute workshop, I invite you to:

  • Fall in love with your true authentic voice.

  • Learn how to heal upsets with a sound version of the mirror exercise.

  • Work through vocal blocks with compassion and love.

  • Explore and expand your vocal range and tone.

  • Have fun singing in a safe, nonjudgmental space.

  • Heal your throat chakra for singing, setting boundaries, and speaking your truth.


Are you ready to discover your Divine voice? Claim your spot here:


Trans community especially encouraged, all are welcome, and no experience necessary. Only 25 spots available!

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